New at RailTech Europe 2019 was an outdoor demonstration area where exhibitors gave live demonstrations on their products or services. Part of the outdoor demonstration area were the following companies:

ProRail incident control

Whenever a disruption occurs on or around the rail track, our men and women of ProRail “Incidentenbestrijding” (Incident Control) come into action. We ensure that all train incidents in the Netherlands are handled professionally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A disruption occurs whenever the infrastructure is completely or partially unavailable for a longer period of time, caused for example by a collision (with a car or person), extreme weather conditions or animals crossing the railroad tracks. And because incidents that involve dangerous goods, carried by rail, can cause a risk to health, safety, property and the environment, we are also trained to fix that kind of problems.

We always try to prevent incidents, of course. We do so by checking the rail tracks on irregularities like broken fences, graffiti artists or people trespassing on the railway.

It is important to have the trains running again as soon as possible, so travellers can continue their journey. But, as important, we need to work in a save way too. At RailTech Europe we show our vehicles, our utilities and demonstrate how we operate them.

Frequency of demo: continuous during the day.

ROBEL – Demonstration of ROBEL Machines

Demonstration of our Hybrid Rail Head Profile Grinding Machine ROBEL 13.49 and our Switch Grinding Machine ROBEL 13.62

Demonstration of our Precision Power Wrench ROBEL 30.73 PSM and our Universal Power Wrench ROBEL 30.82 HKS

Demonstration of our Rail Clamp short/long and Measuring Devices ROBEL

Frequency of demo: continuous during the day.


The first system that Alom will demonstrate is in a steel bucket that can be fitted with a special filter lid. Director Mark van den Rijen from Alom: “The thermite is burned in the bucket, which creates a lot of smoke. Thanks to the filter, this smoke is kept in and absorbed, which makes the work safer. It’s better for the health of welders and their colleagues in the industry, and also offers advantages when working in tunnels, for example.” As the sand cast is positioned in the bucket in an innovative way, the post-welding residue is left loose in the bucket, which makes it easy to separate. Then the steel bucket can simply go onto the scrap iron.

The second thermite welding system that will be demonstrated is in a cardboard bucket. “The advantage of this system is that almost all the material, including the bucket, is burned. As a result you barely have any residual material to get rid of, which means that a lot of time can be saved. As the bucket is made of cardboard, the system is also cheaper than systems with an iron bucket.

To get an impression about the demonstration watch this video.

Frequency of demo: at 11.00 and 15.00 every day.

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