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Intelligent Platform Clock fits platform of the future

Conclusion ForeyeT is building the platform of the future at RailTech. The Intelligent Platform Clock (IPC) is one of the latest cutting-edge innovation that will be shown. Intelligent Platform Clock The Intelligent Platform Clock (IPC) transforms legacy and new platform clocks into complete travel information systems. The IPC is also known as the ‘countdown clock’… Read more ›

Public transport and rail infrastructure solutions

In the past fourty years Armada Mobility has become a specialist in the public transport and rail infrastructure market. From our office in Nieuwegein in The Netherlands, we supply a wide range of products for these markets: from individual parts to large production runs. Safety, quality and reliability are our core values, to offer our… Read more ›

Experiment with anti-vibration solutions on Dutch rail route successful

A type of synthetic wedge will soon be laid between sleepers and rails at five level crossings on the Brabant route to reduce vibrations. According to ProRail, the use of this wedge, known as a ShimLift and produced by KamPa, has had positive results in the first, limited experiment in Dorst. Kampa will demonstrate their… Read more ›

Algorithm leads to breakthrough in measuring trackside trees

Data scientist Anahita Khosravipour has developed an algorithm which measures the size, shape and height of trees next to a track, as well as how close they are to the track. The algorithm has a 97 per cent degree of accuracy. Khosravipour’s research is seen as a scientific breakthrough and she received two awards from… Read more ›

RailTech Europe 2019 is now open for registration

In just a little over two months the 12th edition of Trade fair RailTech Europe will kick off in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Four conference programmes and over a hundred workshops are lined up. New this year is the Freight and Terminal Forum. “This year is bigger, broader and better”, said organiser ProMedia Europoint. The fair… Read more ›