Maurice Feijen
Sr. Service Architect Thales Transportation Systems BV

Henk Schomaker
Sales Manager Thales Transportation Systems BV

Presentation title:
To create a railway where asset failures are not service affecting and alle maintenance interventions are planned

Eclipse Vision: To create a railway where asset failures are not service affecting and all maintenance interventions are planned, resulting in improved reliability and reduced through life maintenance costs. Eclipse will be delivered as a service to our customers providing insights, predictions and decision support to improve operational efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Today we have the ability to Remotely Monitor Conditions of Assets -That tells us when something has broken at a push a human can spot a trend and intervene.

The products that do this today are typically based on monolithic architectures which do not scale very well and cannot readily absorb other sources of information such as weather data, maintenance data without many changes.

Eclipse can be trained on the patterns that the human would use to identify trends and robotically identify them for us. Further to this we can leverage understanding of this historical data of the asset to trend out Rest of Useful life with predictive model. When you have 1000s of assets humans need help in ascertaining which are most import predictive alarms to deal with first. That is where AI will help with customer focused business rules at cloud scale to filter down the information to something actionable and meaningful to the customer – Not forgetting that AI can also suggest mitigations (like tell you what the fault is so you can take the right replacement parts and tools to carry out the repair).

Maurice Feijen (ir MBA)  is a senior service architect who supports Thales and its customers with the design and development of innovative maintenance and other types of services for mission critical systems. He has also been involved in the Design of the Thales Eclipse services concept.

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