Lynn Chaimberlain Clark
Network Rail

Presentation title:
Overview of the current work on developing safety culture in Network Rail

Organisations have rules, standards and procedures designed to control safety risks and yet most organisations still find that human factors- how people behave, mean that these are never totally effective.  Lynn will give a brief overview of the current work on developing safety culture in Network Rail and how this is combining with the expertise in European Railways to create a way of measuring safety culture across Europe and of supporting a growing safety cultural maturity internationally.

Lynn Chamberlain-Clark has been the lead on a company-wide transformational safety culture change programme in Network Rail since 2012. She is responsible for the design, direction and measurement of the programme and implementation through a team of change consultants with the aim to support behavioural change in the 35,000 staff and 100,000 contractors working for Network Rail

Working on culture change at International level, Lynn has experience within a variety of sectors including government, private and public sector and profit and not for profit organisations. Lynn is currently the chair for a subgroup designing KPIs for safety culture in conjunction with the European rail Agency and the group has just been awarded a grant by the European commission to work on learning and trialling the KPIs within a multi-country twinning programme.

The RailTech Europe 2017 Conference will explore the following three themes: