Ulrich Roth
Head of Engineering Train Control Systems at Swiss Federal Railways SBB

Presentation title
Commissioning of ETCS L2 in Switzerland and in particular the Gotthard base tunnel

„Despite all challenges during the project, the implementation of ETCS L2 was finally successful”

The presentation will give an overview of the Swiss ETCS strategy and the so far realized ETCS Level 2 projects – in particular the Gotthard base tunnel and its approaching lines in north and south which are also equipped with ETCS L2 and are in commercial operation since December 2016.

It will focus on the challenges in realizing these projects, starting from the concepts and the requirements to the development of the technical systems and the operational processes. It will also deal with some aspect regarding the homologation process of train & trackside system.

It will show how the demanding requirements for the commissioning were fulfilled – not only from a technical point of view, but also dealing with the surrounding aspects like maintenance, education and monitoring that has to be prepared for the early operational phase after commissioning. The challenge that the approaching lines toward the tunnel were in fully commercial operation until the very last day before the commissioning of ETCS L2 will be discussed.

The presentation will close with a critical review of the steps to be done for further projects and towards a comprehensive implementation of ETCS L2 in Switzerland.

Ulrich Roth was born 1973 in Berne, Switzerland. Ulrich has a MSc in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Berne. He holds a PhD in Physics followed by an EMBA in General Management. He has 5 years work experience in the R&D of an engineering industry in the field of laser cutting tools. Since 2006 he has been working in different positions for the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). Ulrich started as a System Engineer in the field of Risk analysis and approval and homologation of both train and trackside ATP and ETCS systems. In 2011 he became the Head of the Engineering Department of Train Control Systems dealing with all ETCS aspects from strategy, requirement to test & commissioning.

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