Jean-Baptiste Simonnet
Senior Technical Adviser at CER

Presentation Title:
A positive ERTMS business case – the sector priority

“The stability of the ERTMS specification; availability of the financing instrument that will allow us to accelerate the implementation and deployment of the ERTMS programme; and continuous work on what we call the ‘game changers’, that is, the future communications, such as satellite navigation, that will enhance the efficiency of the traffic management.
“I see these three key elements as absolutely critical to the future management of rail traffic in Europe.”

The ERTMS large scale implementation has started, growing number of actors do have an in service experience even if most operation still rely on legacy systems. Developments are also starting to get potential high value for operation through an increased level of automation and high capacity communication.

At the first place it is crucial to identify and implement all possible ways bringing the sector to higher benefits and follow a cost effective way of the migration from the current patchwork of train control environment to ERTMS.

In addition it is – more than ever – necessary to ensure the compatibility of the ERTMS equipment deployed today and tomorrow. The much expected game changers: level 3, ATO, satellite navigation and future communication system must help enhancing the system efficiency while not leading to its diversification and additional complexity.
Achieving a positive business case is an absolute must at the situation when the competing road sector progresses rapidly with its further internal efficiency increase. The legal basis is set; now all the actors have to contribute to make the ERTMS not only the cornerstone of the interoperability, but to make it a commercial success.

Jean-Baptiste Simonnet has been Senior Technical Adviser at CER since 2012. He graduated from the Grenoble Polytechnical Institute in 2000, and worked as Programme Management Officer in the defence and aeronautic industry. This position gave him the opportunity to steer the modelling, design, certification and support of safety critical systems, but also, as subcontractor manager, to develop contracting templates for software development and system tests. In 2007, Jean-Baptiste joined SNCF and acted as Project Buyer for new-build train public tenders and contracts. As CER Senior Technical Adviser, Jean-Baptiste covers a range of technical issues including rolling stock, safety and ERTMS regulations.

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