John Collins
Senior Programme Manager at Network Rail

Presentation title:
A Joint initiative by ProRail and Network Rail for ETCS Level 3 Hybrid Demonstration

Network Rail, together wit ProRail and SNCF, is currently looking at the possibility of using a ‘hybrid ERTMS Level 3’ version on the track. Live testing is expected to start on a track owned by Network Rail in England this October. If the testing with ‘hybrid ERTMS level 3’ is successful, it is anticipated that the costs for the implementation will be lower than with the roll-out of ERTMS Level 2. Furthermore, bigger capacity gains can be made.
The costs of the installation of a Level 2 version are certain if an increase in capacity is needed and existing detection has to be replaced or expanded, and they will probably be higher than if the Hybrid Level 3 is chosen. With the latter, capacity growth can be realised on the existing track through software configuration. Furthermore, no more external installations are required.

However, at the moment ERTMS Level 3 remains unproven technology on the track, and there are still a number of problems to overcome. That is why ProRail, together with Network Rail, SNCF, Arcadis and various ERTMS providers, are looking into the possibilities of adopting a ‘hybrid ERTMS level 3’ version.

The RailTech Europe 2017 Conference will explore the following three themes: