Dr. Matthias Landgraf
Senior Scientist at the Graz University of Technology

Dr. Markus Enzi
Senior Scientist at the Graz University of Technology

Presentation title:
Smart Data in Asset Management for Railway Track

Bullet Points:

  • Generate Smart Data out of Big Data for ideal use in Railway
  • Track Asset Management Strategic prognosis of future renewal and maintenance demands
  • Innovative data analytics of track measurements in order to gain additional information for specific components of track

“The amount of data is neither the problem nor the big deal. A proper Railway Asset Management requires functional knowledge – both IT and Railway skills – in order to get smart data out of big data.”

Smart Data in Asset Management for Railway Track
As  a  crucial  precondition,  any  asset  management  of track  requires  proper  data  management.  Since 2003, a data warehouse has been established at Graz University of Technology in close cooperation with the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB). Currently, this data warehouse contains track information of  more  than 4,000 track kilometres of Austria’s main network consisting of over  one  billion  data records. The challenge is to transfer the big data into a smart data application for Railway Track Asset Management.

Thus, we developed a two sided approach to gather relevant information out of the
data warehouse. It combines a strategic top down approach based upon asset data as well as a bottom up approach based on in depth analyses on track measurement data.
This enables for a prognosis of renewal and maintenance demands for railway track.

Matthias Landgraf is a graduate of Graz University of Technology, where he composed his PHD-Thesis on asset management within railway infrastructure. Since 2011 he is a scientific research associate at the  Institute  of  Railway  Engineering  and  Transport  Economy.  He  focuses  on  big  data  in  railways allowing for efficient asset management in railway infrastructure, considering the costs of the whole life cycle.

The RailTech Europe 2017 Conference will explore the following three themes: