RailTech webinar: Modernisation of rail infrastructure

Europe is modernising its rail infrastructure, Germany is taking a big step. What options are there for digitalisation?

To reach climate goals and make transport more sustainable, European governments are investing heavily in railways. The German railsector for instance is preparing for the biggest modernisation operation in its own history. The government and Deutsche Bahn (DB) are investing 86 billion euro’s in the next ten years to modernise its rail infrastructure. Main goal of this operation is to attain a reliable, state of the art rail network that can give an active contribution to the German and European climate goals.

What does European rail need in terms of digitization? What does the German railway investment plan look like and what does this mean for international cross border train connections? These questions were addressed at the webinar on April 17th 2020 as an introduction to the online conference RailTech Infra Forum.

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Editor of RailTech.com Paul van den Bogaard will have a live conversation with experts in Germany as well as experts in our studio. The following experts will share their insights:

  • Christian Benk, Senior Product Manager at KONUX
  • Ad Toet, Strategic Advisor at Sequel Work
  • Michiel Veltman, senior consultant at Royal Haskoning


The webinar is made possible by KONUX.