Frequently asked questions – Why a virtual event?

Where is the conference?

RailTech Infra Forum 2020 takes place online, you can join the conference from your working place, wherever in the world you are. We will send you the link to the virtual conference one day before the event. 

Why did you organise a virtual event instead of a conventional one?

Due to the COVID-19 developments and the regulations of several governments, we decided to relocate the event from a physical location to an online environment. In these challenging times, we want to provide to our delegates and readers the opportunity to share knowledge and gain expertise from other participants and countries. 

What is the difference between a virtual event and a webinar?

A webinar is usually organised on one specific topic with a duration of one hour maximum. The participants can join for free and have limited time and place to ask questions to the speakers. Our online conference will be held on two days with breaks to ensure a wide share of knowledge and expertise among the participants.

Do I need to download a special programme or app to watch the conference?

No, you log in to the conference through the link that will be shared after your registration. Please make sure that your internet connection is stable during the conference.

How will you ensure that I will not miss any content from the presentation?

All the presentations of the speakers are pre recorded, this means that all sessions have a high production value. This also limits connectivity issues during our virtual conference and ensures that content is available in all time zones. During the live stream of the presentation, all speakers will be available for questions. Our Q&A sessions will be live with the moderator and the speakers, this ensures that everyone can focus on the content and minimise technical issues.

Will RailTech Infra Forum be recorded?

No, the sessions and the Q&A’s during RailTech Infra Forum will be live streamed to the registered delegates. However, the handouts of presentations will be sent over to the registered delegates.

What does my RailTech Infra Forum ticket include?

It includes access to the conference to the livestream on both days (17 and 18th of June 2020) and you will be able to download the slides after the conference. Besides this, you can network and chat with other railway experts and ask questions to the speakers.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

If you have any questions, get in touch with our project manager Kim de Vos:

How do I become a partner?

If you want to partner up for this event, please get in touch with our Business Development Manager Anna Ewert:

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