We are glad to have welcomed you in Rotterdam for a crucial discussion on sustainable rail transport!
Esther Geerts
Moderator of Rail Infra Forum 2023

Rail Infra Forum 2023
Infrastructure for Sustainable Rolling Stock

Most major manufacturers of rolling stock are working on sustainable alternatives to diesel trains for non-electrified railway lines, such as hydrogen and battery trains. However, green rolling stock innovations and developments cannot thrive in isolation. They need to be accompanied by progress in the energy system as well. For example, refuelling and recharging infrastructure will have to be built.

How this will stand to impact upon the development of new hydrogen and battery trains, and how retrofitting solutions for existing rolling stock can play a role in decarbonising rail are some of the topics that were discussed at the Rail Infra Forum 2023 in Rotterdam on March 14-15. 

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Themes & topics

Rail Infra Forum 2023 brought together companies, experts, policymakers and other stakeholders for discussions on infrastructure for sustainable rolling stock and associated topics with the aim of sharing knowledge and moving the transition to sustainable rail transport forward.

The following topics were covered during Rail Infra Forum 2023:

  • Hydrogen trains
  • Battery trains
  • Refuelling and recharging infrastructure
  • Sharing infrastructure with other modes of transport
  • The impact of alternative propulsion on the railway system
  • Policy regarding sustainable energy systems

For whom?

Rail Infra Forum brought together various different stakeholders such as infrastructure managers, academics, suppliers as well as policymakers together to discuss and share knowledge.

At Rail Infra Forum 2023, you met:

  • Infrastructure managers
  • Rail operators
  • Rolling stock suppliers
  • Charter and lease companies
  • Software suppliers of ticketing system
  • Academics
  • Representatives of policy and economy

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Interactive map: Sustainable rolling stock in Europe

What projects are currently on the way in Europe with hydrogen, battery and hybrid trains? We have gathered some of the latest projects in an interactive map! Want to view the map? You can request access to the map.

Did we miss out on an interesting project? Let us know and we will add it to the map!

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