Virtual conference: RailTech Infra Forum
The digital transformation

Hear the latest developments in the digitalisation in rail infrastructure.

Paul van den Bogaard
Programme Manager

The German railsector is preparing for the biggest modernisation operation in its own history. The government and Deutsche Bahn (DB) are investing 86 billion euro’s in the next ten years to modernise its rail infrastructure. Main goal of this operation is to attain a reliable, state of the art rail network that can give an active contribution to the German and European climate goals.

What is the main focus of this operation, who are involved or should be involved? What can other countries learn from Germany or the other way around? And what does this mean for international cross border train connections? This questions were all addressed at the first virtual edition of the RailTech Infra Forum that took place on 17 and 18 June.

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Speakers included:


The following topics were discussed during the virtual conference: RailTech Infra Forum

  • Redevelopment existing infrastructure;
  • Changing from electronic to digital interlocking;
  • Implementation of intelligent switches;
  • The Level of ERTMS that Germany has chosen;
  • Do’s and don’ts in digitalisation of railways;
  • Predictive maintenance/remote diagnostics;
  • Railway safety;
  • International cross-border connections with Germany;
  • What is the next step after modernization, expansion?

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Who attended?

Railway professionals from around the world joined the virtual RailTech Infra Forum:

  • Infrastructure Managers
  • Railway operators
  • Construction companies
  • Suppliers of rolling stock
  • ICT specialists in the railway industry
  • Suppliers of hardware and software for infrastructure
  • Data-analysts
  • Engineering companies
  • Students from technical universities
  • Government bodies

Facts and figures

The investments done by the German government and Deutsche Bahn have a lot of impacts. We have summarised the most important impacts in a factsheet.

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