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Noise & Vibrations – 27 January 2016

Rail operations influence the direct surroundings in many ways. An increasing number of people live near railway lines and noise and vibrations are aspects that (may) directly lead to complaints from citizens. Which measures are being and must be taken as stipulated by European and national regulations? Should the solution for noise and vibration reduction be found in adjustment of the direct surroundings or at the source? → View Conference Programme

A number of infrastructure managers (consider to) apply noise differentiated track access charges. What are experiences in this area and are investments in silent trains feasible? What are conclusions and recommendations of the extensive research to reduce ground borne vibrations from railway traffic?

Technical developments

Technical developments offer great opportunities for noise reduction and sound management. There are different track maintenance treatments that have proven to be very successful but solutions can also be found in braking systems and wheel sets. In this session, the latest developments and experiences with new techniques will be discussed.

This session will address various vibration reduction methods for ground borne vibrations caused by railway operations and maintenance activities. The intensity of vibrations is greatly influenced by train (type and condition), speed, track (type and condition), soil conditions and even the direct surroundings. Therefore a wide range of solutions is available, greatly depending on the specific characteristics of the railway line.

Conference Programme: Noise & Vibrations

Anna Weber, Dipl. -Ing. Architect - Orange Architekten
Christian Noël, Founder - CARE-TRACK
David Benton, Product Marketing Manager Rail Sector – Tata Steel
Franck Poisson, Deputy Manager Physics of the Railway System Department – SNCF
Hans van Leeuwen, CEO & Senior Consultant Traffic and Environment - DGMR consulting engineers
Hielke Zandberg, Specialist Noise and Vibrations - ProRail
Hoessein Alkisaei, Honours Program Delft University of Technology
Micha Köpfli, CEO – N-Sphere AG
Pedro Alves Costa, Assistant Professor - University of Porto
Peter Tschada, Dipl. -Ing. Architekt – Orange Architekten
Rick Scholte, Managing Director and Founder – Sorama

Chairman of the day: Hans Günther Kersten, Director Freight – UIC

Session 1: ‘Rail and its direct surroundings – experiences and best practices’

Session 2: ‘Rail and its direct surroundings – experiences and best practices’ (continued)

Session 3: ‘Sound management by material choice’

Session 4: ‘Vibration reduction methods’

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