Rick Scholte, Managing Director and Founder – Sorama

From sound vision to sound design in railway systems

Noise and vibration pollution from railway systems is a big environmental issue with great impact on society. In other to deal with this issue a profound knowledge and understanding is required of perception by the receiver, the behaviour of the source and the path in between. Acoustic camera technology is able to provide the required knowledge and insights, whereas new developments enable large-scale, cost ­effective and powerful applications.

Eindhoven University of Technology

Sorama, a spin-off company of the Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands, developed a Guinness World Record breaking MEMS microphone array technology alongside powerful near­ and far­field acoustic visualization and 3D calculation methods. These acoustic cameras are already widely used in all areas of industry, tackling noise and vibration issues on a much larger scale and far lower threshold than previously possible.

This presentation focuses on the possibilities of temporal as well as continuous far­ and near­field acoustic observation in railway systems and the coupling to obtaining new solutions and insights that were previously impossible to obtain. Also, technical background of distributed, synchronized acoustic cameras and inverse acoustic methods are provided. The goal is to provide a clear understanding of the possibilities and knowledge that is currently available in the field of inverse acoustics. This enables us to find sound railway system designs originating from sound vision.

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