Asset Management, WTMS & Monitoring rail infrastructure



We had an impressive line-up of speakers from Adif, ÖBB, Network Rail, SBB, Ricardo Rail and many more who dived into the topics Asset Management, WTMS and Maintenance and Prognostics. Please note the programme is over.

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21st of September

22nd of September – conference day on Digitalization in Railway Infrastructure Monitoring

Day two was dealing with “Digitalization in Railway Infrastructure Monitoring”. The need for big data as well as different measurement systems and innovative data analyses was discussed.

23rd of September – conference day on Railway Infrastructure Asset Management

The third day comprised “Railway Infrastructure Asset Management”. This includes data management and turning data into crucial information for evaluating the asset condition. This will serve as an input for a proper asset and life cycle management strategy (LCM) including environmental considerations (LCA) in order to show potentials for reduction, reuse and recycling of infrastructure components and materials.