Michael Osterkamp
Head of sales, Progress Rail Inspection & Information Systems GmbH
Speaking on 22 November, during the Wayside Train Monitoring Systems sessions


Michael Osterkamp
Progress Rail Inspection & Information Systems GmbH

Train Monitoring with Combined Intelligent Checkpoints

  • Intelligent and Integrated Checkpoint
  • Efficient usage of Hardware and Software, based on integration concept
  • Confirmed alarming considering various sensors


Modern Wayside Train Monitoring Systems are challenged by the customer demand on having more than a sample of different detection systems along the track, each measuring and reporting the trains individually. It is not to be considered an improvement, if these systems are just installed next to each other, all with their dedicated hardware.

The need is transferring from system reports towards train reports. Therefore it is essential that measuring systems are efficiently integrated, minimizing the required amount of installed hardware and reducing the complexity of the installed software.

The efficient and combined usage of soft- and hardware is not only important related the investment pricing, but even more essential related to reduced and attractive LCC. Concluding would an integrated intelligent checkpoint, be an efficient approach for train monitoring. While it has to be considered that Wayside Train Monitoring itself is not a justification to install a checkpoint, just based on lower investment and improved LCC.

One of the advantages of such intelligent checkpoint is that different measurement results can be considered, during alarm evaluation. This opens the possibility to new and even more reliable alarming. Therefore would it be possible to further reduce the not confirmed stop rate, based on the introduction of “confirmed alarms”.

One additional benefit would be that train data, could be used to support the planning and recommendation on pro-active and preventive maintenance. This could be done using statistical methods on identified units. Intelligent and integrated checkpoint are supporting the efficient usage of “big data” and this would reduce the alarming and stopping further. Integrated and Intelligent Checkpoint can significantly contribute to less stopped trains and support efficient vehicle management.

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