David Krasensky
Business Consultant, STARMON s.r.o.
Speaking on 24 November during the Wayside Train Monitoring Systems sessions 

David Krasensky
STARMON s.r.o.
Czech Republic

The Czech Case Study of WTMS

  • WTMS: not an isolated device(s), rather a functional network data collection, data identification ICT support
  • For advanced monitoring of vehicles
  • Case Study: SZDC, Czech Republic


A WTMS device should be never seen as a single-spot checkpoint, but rather as a part of the whole inspection network to be beneficial for both the infrastructure manager (IM) and the railway undertaking (RU). This way, ongoing monitoring of the technical health of the vehicles can be achieved, together with their tracking in route.

Author of the contribution opens these considerations, with focus to the ICT support necessary to identify the gathered information with the train numbers and wagon numbers. The paper is rounded out with the case study of SŽDC, Czech Republic, where a major WTMS installation has been realised recently.

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