Jan Spännar
Speaking on 23 November during the Rail Infrastructure Measuring and Monitoring sessions

Jan Spännar

Infra Manager, Asset Management and Maintenance Planning – OPTRAM

The questions covered during this session:

  • How is Optram used in Sweden?
  • What information do we need from our measurements?
  • From the measuring to a maintenance decision, do we have the proper models?


Around 2004 Banverket, The former Swedish Railway Infrastructure Manager, from 2010 called Trafikverket, took a decision to implement a system to collect asset data and condition data (mainly track data but also some overhead line data). The system should be used to visualize and analyse data and predict future condition. A procurement process during 2006 led to contract with Bentley Systems and their system Optram, which was to be further developed according to Banverkets demands to do filtering and other signal processing actions on the data.

Due to problems mostly concerning the demands from Banverket about functionality the system was not in production until 2009.

One objective for the implementation of Optram was to be able to do qualified analyses which should lead to better decisions of when and where to do pro-active maintenance actions.

Meanwhile, with the beginning at 2002, the railway maintenance in Sweden was gradually outsourced. The people supposed to use Optram for decision making was no longer in-house but with the contractors.

A lack of interest in using Optram led to the question, how to make the contractors to do analyses for pro-active track maintenance actions?

In the presentation, the author will describe his thoughts about track measurements and what is needed so it can lead to the right maintenance.

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