Giuseppe Aurisicchio
resident, MER MEC UK & Area Sales Director in MER MEC S.p.A.

Giuseppe Aurisicchio
President, MER MEC UK & Area Sales Director in MER MEC S.p.A.
Speaking on 23 November during the Rail Infrastructure Measuring and Monitoring sessions

How to increase the safety on Railway Networks thanks to the “SICS approach”, an integrated and holistic approach for the total monitoring and measuring of the Railway Infrastructure


Today by means of Measuring Vehicles and Trains it is possible to inspect and measure the Railway Infrastructure, not creating obstacles in the running of high speed commercial trains and with the aim to collect condition data.

The most important goal is to guarantee the highest level of safety together with a high quality of the infrastructure. At the same time, it is also important to constantly improve the offer in terms of speed and capacity as well as to reduce the maintenance costs.

The traditional approach, based on Measuring Vehicles and Trains having installed on board several diagnostic systems and flowing condition data in database, is gradually being replaced by a more comprehensive and advanced approach that can be defined as “SICS approach” (Synchronization/Integration of measured data, Correlation for measures and defects, Statistics on “Big Data”), an integrated and holistic approach overcoming all the limitations of the traditional approach and giving the high advantage to support in the easiest way the implementation of National and International Standards and to increase the safety of the Railway Infrastructure. MER MEC since long time ago has been involved in several projects for the total monitoring and measuring of the infrastructure, as well as asset management projects and has accumulated over years a very significant experience in the SICS approach.

Company profile
MerMec is global leader and technology innovator specialized in the design and development of end-to-end measurement, signalling and asset management solutions for railways and rapid transits worldwide.

With a unique product portfolio of measurement systems and vehicles, decision support tools and automatic train protection technology, MERMEC helps world railways and rapid transits run safe, efficient and reliable networks; while always assuring that their passengers or goods enjoy superior service and a pleasant journey wherever they go.

Founded as a joint-stock company in 1988, MERMEC completed a series of acquisitions in Italy, France and the United States during the first half of 2008. These led to the creation of an international corporation with offices and premises in 14 countries (USA, Spain, France, UK, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Macedonia, Morocco, Turkey, India, South Korea, China, Australia).