Intelligent Rail Summit


Florian Auer
Plasser & Theurer
Speaking on 23 November during the Rail Infrastructure Measuring and Monitoring sessions


Florian Auer
Senior Expert Track Technology
Plasser & Theurer

Monitoring of Track Quality by Track Maintenance Machines


The following questions to be covered:


The basis of today’s track recording is the recording of a space curve with an IMU (Inertial Measuring Unit), supported by a navigational system and non contact gauge measuring. This allows to collect reliable track data at any speed from zero to 300 km/hr. (and even higher).

Very important is the ability to have no limits at low recording speeds. The recording is done under loaded condition. The system allows to detect track irregularities with wavelengths of up to 200 meters which is important for high speed lines.

Originally designed for track recording cars, the IMU based system is now also applied in track maintenance machines and delivers on the one hand the required quality documents after work, on the other hand it allows also to use the machines for gathering track geometry input data for the work execution.

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