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Raymond Soeters


Raymond Soeters
Speaking on 24 November during Session 2 – From Data to Information

RailData at your fingertips

From 1999 onwards all kinds of initiatives have taken place to feed the logistical- and asset management chain with reliable data about our rail infrastructure. Despite all the efforts with moderate success. The quality of the data remained insufficient.

But times have changed. The pressure on reliable data has never been so high. Reliable data about the infrastructure can make the difference between a reasonable performance of the rail infrastructure and an excellent performance. How to establish a situation in which RailData is regarded as the accepted basis for a safe, reliable, punctual and durable rail network? A state in which the maintenance engineer, the train driver, the rail system engineer and rail traffic control can fully rely on accurate and actual data.

The ProRail program of RailData gives the answer. After a thorough analysis of the problem several measures have been taken. We are halfway now. In the meantime several results have been brought into practice. Today I will present you the top 5 measures. Measures every rail organization should take into consideration. Unless you don’t face any problems with your data…

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