Gerhard Kreß
Siemens Germany
Speaking on 24 November during the Big Data in Railway Operations sessions

Gerhard Kress

Gerhard Kreß
Siemens Germany

Internet of Trains

Questions to be answered in the presentation?

  • What is the role of Big Data in the rail industry?
  • Which value can customers derive from Big Data and data analytics?
  • What is required to develop and deliver data analytics driven services?


The presentation will start with the value proposition for Big Data analytics in rail, how IoT data can be used to create actual customer value and what the real value proposition for these services can be in the rail domain. It will then focus on the development of data driven services: What is required to develop and deliver these services, both on the talent as well as on the technology side and how such capabilities were established. Then it will provide a real customer example with the big data analytics background as a deep dive to present a view on the analytics approaches and technologies used and how the hurdles for applicability can be overcome.

With data from rail assets, both vehicles and infrastructure it is possible to improve the value for the asset owner. However, dealing with industrial data is not easy and requires a unique blending of world class data analytics with engineering and process know how. In this paper real examples will be presented where significant value was created and it will be shown how big data can help rail operators to improve the performance of their assets.

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