1 March

SESSION 1: Long term vision on Safety, Security and Testing

Management of the risk; IT/cyber security; How to face the digitalization of the railway environment; Challenges when introducing IP technologies to Railways, GSM-R QoS requirements; experiences of lab testing vs. field testing; network security; transition management; human resources aspects.


Interoperability issues at the border crossings or inside a country; GSM-R interferences and envisaged solutions; maintenance efficiency and reduction of cost for Legacy CCS systems; migration scenarios, national philosophies and best practices.

SESSION 3: Global Opportunities and Challenges

Development and implementations of ERTMS outside Europe; new lines and new environments; technology changes and different normative to consider; A fair competition among suppliers as a result of a worldwide standardization effort.


GSM-R evolution towards IP and PS; dispatchers, network, ERTMS data transmission; ETSI specifications/ EIRENE and GSM-R specifications evolution in line with TSI; applicability to network and mobiles; equipment readiness and capabilities to ensure transition; Interferences from Public operators, existing solutions, implementation planning, coordination processes put in place, risks mitigation.

2 March

SESSION 5: Financing + Asset Management

Business cases; understanding and evaluating the return on investment; optimization of financial resources; long term strategy for investments and visibility of financial effort; System versioning and updating vs. securing the value of investments in the future; support required by small-medium RUs

SESSION 6: Operations

Training/Traffic Management/ maintenance of different assets, how to deal with different environments for L1LS

SESSION 7: Evolution

Technological Innovation; IP based Radio; private network (GSMR) vs. public networks: pro/contra; Satellite utilization, where and how; Automatic Train Operation with ERTMS, when and how, which interfaces; ERTMS L3, the reasons of a possible development, required min trackside train detection devices.

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