Go back in history..

In the morning of the 14th of October you have the possibility to join a tour at the Latvian Railway History Museum. Experience the charm of railway with all your senses. View the model railway, with unique handmade Latvian railway infrastructure, buildings and scenery. Explore the extensive collection of historical testimonies and informative material on the history of railways in Latvia.


From 10:00 CET you will be welcome to walk around at the Railway Museum. There will be a guided tour in the rolling stock collection at 11:00 CET. Joining the tour is included in the registration fee of the conference. The maximum group size is 20 people.

Do not miss the chance to step into the locomotives and carriages that are open only on tours:

  • Class III passenger carriage produced by AS Fenikss in Latvia
  • Broad-gauge class L series steam locomotive
  • 1900s carriage for prisoner transportation
  • Iconic Soviet era electric train ER2 and locomotive TEP60


Like to join?

Would you like to join the tour? Please click on the attend button below at the time of the tour you would like to attend. Please note: joining the tour is only possible if you are registered for the Track Access Charges Summit 2020. Not registered yet? You can register here.