Juliette van Driel, Chain Director Wayside Monitoring Systems – ProRail

Managing the chain of wayside monitoring systems

In the past years we have installed several wayside monitoring systems in the Dutch railway network: HotBox for monitoring the temperature of wheels and bearings and WILD (wheel impact load detection) for axles and wheels. Installing the systems was just part one of a more complex process.

Axles and wheels

In this presentation I will talk about why a company responsible for the rail infrastructure monitors axles and wheels. But also about how we manage the chain of monitoring systems: from capturing data to using it in several business processes, in what processes we use our monitoring data.

Our chain consists of installations in the track, hard­ and software to manage the measurements, add data to the measurements and distributing information to several customers. The customers of our data are quite divers: traffic control, operating companies, contractors, our financial department and the ministry of Transportation and Public Works. In the near future we will research the relation between quality of wheels and degeneration of track.

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