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Composite slim tie and longitudinal baulks

In 2014 German and Swiss Railway Authorities gave their trial approval for the use of 12 cm high sleeper from FFU on their network. The approval was given for an axel load of 22.5 tonnes and 160km/h speed. Before this TU Munich tested sleeper from FFU with 12cm height for 200km/h and 22.5 t axel load positive. (Technical details of tests will be shown)
In 2014 RhB installed already first ballasted bridge with such sleepers. DB, BLS and RhB ordered next projects for 2015. (Projects will be shown)

Longitudinal baulks:

FFU was installed for the first time in England over the weekend 20/­21 September 2014. NetworkRail fitted out two railway bridges on the Hastings to Ashford track with longitudinal baulks and cross sleepers made from FFU. The longitudinal baulks had dimensions up to 410/370/7500 mm (W/H/L) and therefore a global first for installed FFU baulks with such large dimension since 1980.

FFU now will be observed by NetworkRail over one year to see the performance and if everything runs positive give final approval for the use of FFU in UK.

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