Christian Eichwald, Team Leader Customer Support Rail – Amberg Technologies AG

The new Amberg IMS railway surveying system – a revolutionary high-output 3D track survey system offers thrilling potentials of change for the actual railway construction and maintenance regimes

Fast, exact and cost­ efficient: Amberg Technologies, the Swiss specialist for railway and tunnel surveying solutions, has expanded the well­ tried rail surveying system GRP System FX with the new Amberg IMS 1000 and IMS 3000 system configurations. Utilizing revolutionary IMU technology for 3D track measurements at walking speed these new Amberg IMS system solutions provide reliable and highly precise geometry information during the construction and maintenance of railway track systems – while achieving unrivalled productivity.


The Amberg IMS systems measure the relative and absolute track geometry of ballasted tracks and slab tracks using a high ­performance sensor – the Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU). Precise surveying of up to 4000 metres of track per hour, the system’s performance is more than twice as high as of any other 3D railway surveying devices available on the market today. It furthermore ensures that the track will be measured reliably with a positional accuracy of up to ±1mm.

The revolutionary IMU technology replaces the common tachometer for measuring 3D track geometry. In this way no tachometer on tripod or on a second trolley is required any more. As a result the number of workers on track is reduced, safety increased and the higher operational flexibility results automatically in a higher output. The notorious ”line of sight demand” is vanished into thin air.

Profiling device

In addition the integrated fixed point measuring and profiling device Amberg Profiler 110 FX allows check of platform off­set distance, height and stagger of power line and even parallel track distances (UK: six­ foot distance). Unrivalled performance at consistent high accuracy at any weather conditions which was thought to be impossible will allow establishing new maintenance regimes especially at high­utilised high­speed lines of both types, ballasted and slab track systems. But also upgrading and renewal projects will benefit from a new quality and efficiency of the Amberg IMS survey process already at planning stage. All these make the Amberg IMS system a unique “3D Track Survey Sprinter”

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