On 26, 27 and 28 January 2016 the Rail Technology Conferences 2016 took place.
Please find below the Book of Abstracts and all given PowerPoint presentations:

Book of Abstracts

PowerPoint Presentations

  • Wheel/Rail Interface & Switches – 26 January 2016

Pierre Etienne Gautier – Loads for Slab Track
Juliette van Driel – Managing the chain of wayside monitoring systems
Edward de Jong – Monitoring the infrastructure condition using in-service trains
Yann Bezin – Designing future turnouts – where research capabilities meet industry needs
Christian Eichwald – The new Amberg IMS railway surveying system – a revolutionary high-output 3D track survey system offers thrilling potentials of change for the actual railway construction and maintenance regimes
Eric Baars – In control with POSS
Martin Hiensch – Improving the structural performance of the switches
Giuseppe Aurisicchio – Measuring and Inspecting Switches & Crossings with the “SICS Approach”
Marc Antoni – View on switches as subsystem to reduce LCC
Matthias Manhart – Euroswitch: the complete prefab Switches developed for SBB
Yuewei Ma – Methodology for improvement of turnout performance via crossing shape optimisation

  • Noise & Vibrations – 27 January 2016

Franck Poisson – Environmental noise of the railway system: a new challenge for the future
Micha Köpfli – sonRAIL Webtool: a new approach to railway noise emission calculation
Rick Scholte – From sound vision to sound design in railway systems
Peter Tschada & Anna Weber – C-Shell noise attenuation for railway tracks
Christian Noël – Pad influence on noise and ground vibrations
Hoessein Alkisaei – A monolithic solution to the problem of noise
Pascal Fodiman – Which maintenance strategies for a sustainable noise performance of the railway system? An analysis of the French case
David Benton – Targeted noise reduction using rail dampers
Pedro Alves Costa – Prediction and mitigation of railway vibrations. Potentialities and challenges of numerical modelling
Hielke Zandberg – Process of assessing nuisance due to railway vibrations
Hans van Leeuwen – Monitoring noise & vibration and asset management

  • Railways & Environment – 28 January 2016

Dyre Martin Gulbrandsen – Working together on railway energy solutions
Filip Coumans – Creating a culture of commitment to reduce exposures to risk in public transportation
Martijn Wolf – Lightweight composite carbody – How to fit in TSI
Günther Koller – Composit slim tie and longitudinal baulks
Gabriel Castañares Hernández – Energy Vision & Trends
Train to Paris Video
Ban-Ki Moon Video
Luca Lategan – System analysis for improved energy recovery in a regenerative electrical traction network
Per Corshammar – Environmental friendly and cost effective high speed line design
Bart van der Spiegel – Reducing energy costs for rail transport
Jean-Francois Reynaud – Catenary free tramways with Energy Storage System: next trends