Public transport and rail infrastructure solutions

In the past fourty years Armada Mobility has become a specialist in the public transport and rail infrastructure market. From our office in Nieuwegein in The Netherlands, we supply a wide range of products for these markets: from individual parts to large production runs. Safety, quality and reliability are our core values, to offer our customers simply the best.

Armada Mobility originated in the early 70s of the last century from Electrorail, the former factory overhead of the Dutch Railways. In the 90’s, activities were taken over by Volker Stevin Rail & Traffic. Since then Armada Mobility has become a steel company which specializes in various products for the public transport and rail infrastructure market. Since 2000 Armada Mobility is part of the Andus Group (formerly RijnDijk Group). Our clientele consists of customers like NS (Dutch Railway Company), ProRail and the Dutch Railinfra contractors.

A wide range of services
Armada Mobility is SPC certified for rail-related products such as components and materials for overhead lines like: traction poles and beams, 1.5/25kV arms, wheel tensioners, signal posts and components for signals, (power supply and relay) cabinets and permanent particle magnets (PVM).
Besides these technical railinfra solutions Armada Mobility also makes sure that commuters can find their way on rail- or busstations and have a safe and pleasant stay at the station. We provide these stations with solutions for bicycle parking, wayfinding, shelters and furniture.

Inhouse production
The company also produces special products tailored to customers’ wishes. From engineering to assembly on location. Armada Mobility manages each production related phase from its own inhouse (production) facilities.
Armada Mobility is able to process 1,500 tonnes of steel a year and its unique combination of specific know-how, years of experience and craftsmanship forms a major trump card. Not only in today’s railway infrastructure, but in tomorrow’s as well.

Custom-made service
We can solve practically any problem related to mobility and passenger-related facilities. Do you require a special type of system or furniture? Do you have any particular wishes for your illuminated signs or information display systems? Armada would be glad to help you develop the products you need. We can do this because we have all the required disciplines in house so we can meet strict design, functionality and durability requirements. The construction of aesthetic and functional elements also demands expertise, experience and an integrated approach – the Armada Mobility approach. It is our aim to supply customers with custom- made service that meets their demand seamlessly.


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