Jochen Holzfeind, Head of Asset Management Track – SBB Infrastructure

The SBB rail network is one of the most heavily used in the world. Over the past two decades, SBB Infrastructure has increased its transport capacity (in tonne-kilometres) by 70%, network usage (number of trains/platform length) by almost 40% and demand (passengers per day) by almost 50%. These achievements must be taken into account accordingly. The assets require adequate care and maintenance in line with growing requirements. Rash savings on maintenance can have lasting and far-reaching consequences for the entire rail system.

To continue this success story of SBB in the long term it`s important to have a healthy rail network that meets customers’ needs. Professionally led and forward-looking Asset Management which focuses on meeting requirements lays the foundations required to operate infrastructure with sustainable efficiency and effectiveness. Apart from traditional asset and lifecycle management to ensure that sufficient maintenance is carried out, predict future maintenance needs and continuously develop the product portfolio, this also means managing requirements and loads.

Since 2010, SBB Track’s sufficiently far-sighted Asset Management has been making waves in the field of vehicle-track interaction with fundamental results. In 2015, SBB Track Asset Management team was able to apply the track wear factor it had developed to Switzerland’s train-path pricing system. For the first time, this offers a binding incentive for railway undertakings and manufacturers to develop and introduce technology to reduce the damage on the track.

This means that, in the future, more track-friendly vehicles should be operating on Switzerland’s rail network, making a substantial contribution to reducing the overall costs of the rail system in the long term. This is an essential step in continuing to make the railway available to our customers for a reasonable price and providing attractive mobility options in Switzerland in combination with private transport.

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