Juan Melendez, Director of Transport and Energy Division, CEIT

ROLL2RAIL Running Gear – Opportunities for reduction of the railway system costs
Concepts for radically new running gear technologies have been technically feasible, however they have failed to move to the market because the benefits were obtained at railway system LCC level which is difficult to quantify.

To unblock innovation in this area, a cost modelling methodology will be developed in the Horizon2020 lighthouse project with the goal to be valid and accepted widely throughout Europe in order to reflect and quantify the global impact of running gear performance on the whole railway system economics.

Furthermore the universal cost quantification model is essential to orientate the work to be carried out in SHIFT2RAIL (e.g. mechatronics, new materials, wireless sensors…), to quantify the value of the results and ultimately to ensure the market uptake of the newly developed technologies.

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