RailTech Live: A seamless European rail ticketing system

One train ticket for a cross-border journey – Within reach or distant dream?

Railways play a major role in reducing transport emissions. International train travel in particular can shift passengers from flights to rail. However, booking a train ticket for an international journey is often much more challenging than booking a plane ticket. An integrated ticketing system is essential to attract more passengers, but this is far from reality today. How can railways, software providers and policymakers realise the vision of a seamless ticketing system? And what technological developments in ticketing are ongoing in achieving this goal?

RailTech Live: A seamless European rail ticketing system took place on Wednesday 14 December 2022. During the event, we delved into the question of whether one train ticket for a cross-border journey is within reach or still a distant dream for the European railway industry. The conference was broadcasted from Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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Topics & themes

Various speakers, ranging from the operator perspective to technological solutions providers, sector organisations and policymakers, shared the latest innovations on improving ticketing in Europe during this digital event. The following topics were discussed:

  • What is needed to realise an integrated ticketing system?
  • Connecting ticketing systems
  • Software solutions, such as the Open Sales Distribution Model (OSDM)
  • Policy requirements for a seamless booking experience

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