The implementation of ERTMS

After decades of discussing and designing, the Europe-wide implementation the European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS) is finally taking shape. More and more European countries are reaching the implementation phase. But some of them also paused implementation again. What are reasons for stopping and what are the most important challenges that need to be tackled before a real Europe-wide system can be achieved? The second edition of the virtual conference RailTech Infra Forum focused on this topic took place on 28 & 29 October.
Which solutions are thought out by the different countries and can be used Europe wide? Is there enough coordination or is it still a patchwork of national solutions that needs to be integrated into one system? How can rolling stock for freight be made ready for ERTMS in an economical feasible way? These questions were addressed at the second edition of the RailTech Infra Forum on 28 and 29 October. 

The virtual conference covered presentations from these topics:

  • ERTMS in Freight Operation
  • ERTMS outside of Europe
  • Future after ERTMS
  • Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS)
  • Challenges during the implementation process

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ERTMS Magazine

We have created a special ERTMS magazine in the build up to the conference. In this ERTMS Magazine you can find a retrospect to the initial mission of ERTMS which gives an overview of the significant steps that already have been made in the roll out of this digital system. But also the difficulties that some European countries are facing in the implementation.

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