Technical site visit

A technical site visit will officially kick off Intelligent Rail Summit 2022, on the morning of 16 November.

voestalpine Railway Systems has developed an Acoustic Monitoring Sensor, which allocates measurement of data to the correct carriage and wheelsets. The first solution has recently been installed at SBB’s location in Winterthur, Switzerland which will be the destination of this year’s technical site visit. During this visit, experts from voestalpine Railway Systems will present the software of the monitoring solution as well as the installed hardware on track.

“Monitoring of the health of bearings during train operations provides a valuable source of information for optimizing maintenance and overhaul intervals of wheelsets. The function Acoustic Monitoring Sensor is a highly sensitive measurement system that collects the acoustic signature of each bearing of a passing train. Defects associated with the individual components of both tapered and cylindrical roller bearings are detected at an early stage and trends for each monitored bearing are provided. Alarms are generated at user-defined tolerance levels, which supports efficient wheelset maintenance programs. In addition to bearing defects, future phases of development will identify wheel defects, locomotive engine defects and locomotive drive train defects.”

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