Presentation slides

16 November

Digitalisation in a Greenfield Project by Andy Billington (RB Rail AS)
From Wayside Train Monitoring to Wayside Intelligence by Stefan Koller (SBB)
Implementation of Way Side Train Monitoring in the Netherlands by Paul Kootwijk (ProRail) & Inge Kalsbeek (NS)
Challenges of Data Implementation and process change by Richard Lenthall (voestalpine Signaling Siershahn GmbH)
Fibre Optic Movement Sensing: A new method for monitoring railway condition by Ed Austin (Focus Sensors)

17 November

Budgets and their consequences in infrastructure quality and long-term costs by Anna Oprandi (SBB)
Digitalising railway infrastructure: Data-driven strategic asset management by Christian Blättler (AFRY)
Infra monitoring from passenger trains by Paul van der Voort (ProRail)
Remote Condition Monitoring of Track Geometry and Ride Comfort from In-service Trains by Colin Smith McGloin (Unipart Rail)
Implementation of Condition Monitoring on Railway Infrastructure – Results in Finland by Sami Saloheimo (VR FleetCare)
On Board Monitoring for Railway infrastructure: Extracting Indicators for Diagnosis & Prognosis of Critical Components by Cyprien Hoelzl (ETH Zürich)
Long-term behaviour of padded concrete sleepers on reduced ballast bed thickness by Ursula Ehrhart (TU Graz)
Reducing the environmental impact of railway infrastructure using LCA and EPD methodologies by Christian Aichberger (voestalpine Railway Systems GmbH)
Towards a Data-driven Operational Digital Twin for Railway Wheels by Katharina Rombach (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne)
Digital Triplet as a basis for Asset Management by Roel Koehein (GeoNext)


Session I – The latest developments in Wayside Train Monitoring

Session II – Maintaining the railway network in the best condition through asset management

Session III – Asset management of railway infrastructure: How to analyse data in order to turn it into crucial information?

Session IV – Data-driven solutions: Digital twins and triplets