Below you find the presentations of the Intelligent Rail Summit 2018 per session. If the presentation is not yet on there, they will be added shortly.

28th of November

Session 1: Big Data in Railways
Opening session – Johannes Neuhold
Olga Fink prefers to not share her slides
Predicting track geometry, a machine learning perspective – Dirk Bothof

Session 2:Infrastructure Measuring
Data Management and Analysis of Infrastructure Measurements – Luca Milani & Johan Vekemans
Prediction of turnout behavior – From manual inspections to automated data analysis – Petra Wilfling & Michael Fellinger
Innovation in analysis: Nice technologies and a little bit more… – Sytse Bisschop

Session 3: Wayside Train Monitoring Systems
Application of way-side detector-data in maintenance – Niels Kloppenborg
Wayside Train Monitoring in Sweden – Peter Boom & Hans Loskog
WTMS at ProRail: use and vision – Juliette van Driel
Intelligent Infrastructure – Network Rail operational experience – Paul Barnes

Sessions 4: Innovative data analysis
“Wayside Intelligence” – A promising new approach of WTMS developed by SBB AG – Jörg Bisang
Distributed Acoustic Sensing – innovative data for railway infrastructure? – Ivan Vidovic
Playing with data: automatic tree hazard detection as a by-product of a bigger picture – Erik Pinter

29th of November

Session 1: Store, collect and analyse
Big data analytics and IoT in railway as enabler for digital rail services – Diego Galar
Digital insight into assets through maintenance – Krzysztof Wilczek
Benefiting from central data management – From strategic to specific asset management of tram infrastructure – Johannes Kehrer & Thomas Hammer
swissTAMP – From hands-on experience to facts and predictive maintenance – Martin Fabian

Session 2: Condition evaluation
SmartTamp – Automatic tamping prediction based on measuring data – Johannes Neuhold
Reliable railways through collaboration and intelligent innovations – Veronica Jägare & Ulla Juntti
Multi-Source Railway Condition Data Analysis for Optimised Track Maintenance Decisions – Mika Salvast

Session 3: Asset & lifecycle management
Proactive system design – a logical consequence of modern asset management – Jochen Holzfeind
Strategic Asset Management – The way to the long-term value retention of the track – Anna Oprandi
Overall Infrastructure Life-Cycle-Management at OEBB – Georg Neuper
Performance risk control, a key skill for asset management – Jan Swier

Session 4: What can we learn from interdisciplinary approaches
A ProRail Game: are you secure?