Asset Management, WTMS & Monitoring in Rail Infrastructure


Below you find the presentations of the Intelligent Rail Summit 2018 per session. If the presentation is not yet on there, they will be added shortly.

28th of November

Session 1: Big Data in Railways
Opening session – Johannes Neuhold
Olga Fink prefers to not share her slides
Predicting track geometry, a machine learning perspective – Dirk Bothof

Session 2:Infrastructure Measuring
Data Management and Analysis of Infrastructure Measurements – Luca Milani & Johan Vekemans
Prediction of turnout behavior – From manual inspections to automated data analysis – Petra Wilfling & Michael Fellinger
Innovation in analysis: Nice technologies and a little bit more… – Sytse Bisschop

Session 3: Wayside Train Monitoring Systems
Application of way-side detector-data in maintenance – Niels Kloppenborg
Wayside Train Monitoring in Sweden – Peter Boom & Hans Loskog
WTMS at ProRail: use and vision – Juliette van Driel
Intelligent Infrastructure – Network Rail operational experience – Paul Barnes

Sessions 4: Innovative data analysis
“Wayside Intelligence” – A promising new approach of WTMS developed by SBB AG – Jörg Bisang
Distributed Acoustic Sensing – innovative data for railway infrastructure? – Ivan Vidovic
Playing with data: automatic tree hazard detection as a by-product of a bigger picture – Erik Pinter

29th of November

Session 1: Store, collect and analyse
Big data analytics and IoT in railway as enabler for digital rail services – Diego Galar
Digital insight into assets through maintenance – Krzysztof Wilczek
Benefiting from central data management – From strategic to specific asset management of tram infrastructure – Johannes Kehrer & Thomas Hammer
swissTAMP – From hands-on experience to facts and predictive maintenance – Martin Fabian

Session 2: Condition evaluation
SmartTamp – Automatic tamping prediction based on measuring data – Johannes Neuhold
Reliable railways through collaboration and intelligent innovations – Veronica Jägare & Ulla Juntti
Multi-Source Railway Condition Data Analysis for Optimised Track Maintenance Decisions – Mika Salvast

Session 3: Asset & lifecycle management
Proactive system design – a logical consequence of modern asset management – Jochen Holzfeind
Strategic Asset Management – The way to the long-term value retention of the track – Anna Oprandi
Overall Infrastructure Life-Cycle-Management at OEBB – Georg Neuper
Performance risk control, a key skill for asset management – Jan Swier

Session 4: What can we learn from interdisciplinary approaches
A ProRail Game: are you secure?