Peter Zijdemans
Principal Consultant bij Ricardo Rail

Presentation title:
Improvement of the business case for the onboard implementation.

The European Court of Auditors has observed that the deployment of ERTMS in the EU is at a low level and represents a patchwork. Infrastructure managers and operators have been reluctant to invest in ERTMS equipment because of the expense and the lack of an individual business case.

Would it be possible to improve the business case of the onboard ERTMS implementation?

Can we identify the profits and the cost drivers of the onboard equipment? What would be needed to enhance the profits and how can the cost be limited? Previous EU studies have estimated the cost for retrofitting onboard equipment at between €375.000 and €550.000 per locomotive, recent studies came up with cost between €663.000 and €970.000.

A systematic approach will provide us with an understanding of the tradeoffs between safety, performance, reliability, cost, schedule and project risks. And how can these tradeoffs in the onboard system be optimized between equipment supplier, system integrator, operator/owner and infrastructure manager? How can the profits of the onboard system be influenced?

Speaker biography:
Since their original authorization of ERTMS in Thalys in 2009 and in ICE in 2015, Peter ensures continuous compatibility of both Thalys and ICE with the Dutch routes. Peter was responsible for the assembly of the admission file for Thalys in the Netherlands (1991 – 1996). With this experience, he supported the specification and demonstration of RAMS of HSL-South infrastructure using EN50126 (1997 – 2001). Once the transportation concession for HSL-South had been signed, Peter supported the operator HSA in the integration of ERTMS in Thalys trainsets and the assembly of the admission file for HSL-South (2002 – 2009). Peter had a similar responsibility in the integration of ERTMS in ICE3M (2011 – 2015). Starting in 2016, the integration of signaling systems in new trainsets for NS was added to the portfolio.

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