Jean Koulischer
Alstom Digital Mobility/Signalling Mainline pre-tendering Director

Presentation title:
Best practices for ETCS retro-fitment projects

In March 2018, Alstom has been awarded the contract for the ETCS retro-fitment of the Norwegian fleet. This contract was confirming Alstom market leadership on ETCS retro-fitment projects, following similar contracts signed with SBB/Wave 1, DB ICE, ÖBB, SNCB, RENFE, TRENITALIA, etc. This large experience leads Alstom to recommend key best practices for retrofitment projects from ETCS supplier point of view.

Based on practical examples, the presentation will first highlight the project priorities to be addressed at early stage, during design phase. Then the presentation will focus on some of the major risks faced on retrofitment projects, and how to mitigate them, in order to achieve efficient retrofit projects.

Speaker biography:
Dr Koulischer is working for 20 years within Alstom/Signalling mainlines, mostly on ETCS, directly involved since the beginning of the ETCS programme. In 2006/07 he has been Betuwe Route Project Manager, evolving afterwards to positions more oriented to business development and pre-tendering.

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