Dick Martens
Principal consultant at Strict Consultancy, UIC

Presentation title:
Future Rail Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) to relieve GSM-R

The UIC is executing a project for the definition of the FRMCS which will take over the services currently provided by GSM-R and enable the future growth of railway train to track communications. The growing use of ERTMS, its evolution to automatic train operation (ATO) and extensive digitalization in the railways necessitate the migration to 5G technologies. The presentation will highlight the current project status and roadmap. It will also address some of the challenges ahead, such as the need to limit the costs to railways, the need for harmonized radio spectrum and the migration from GSM-R to FRMCS

Speaker biography:
Principal consultant at Strict Consultancy, Vianen, NL. Dick Martens has worked as principal consultant at Strict Consultancy since 2007, and has been supporting UIC since the beginning of the FRMCS project to secure the necessary radio spectrum. In addition to this role for the UIC, currently he is involved is several projects relating to mission critical mobile communications. After graduating for his BSc at Rotterdam technical highschool in 1977, he has worked in various national and international roles in the telecommunications sector, predominantly related to mobile networks.

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