Ferdinand Spek
Technical Consultant at ADSE Consultancy & Engineering

Presentation title:
Predictive HVAC annual energy consumption method; development and verification

Transport systems in urban structures nneed to reduce their emissions in order to improve their eLife Cycle Costs and achieve committed goals of emission limits. Also the rail sector is forced to improve its energy efficiencies sduring operation. As the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) is generally the largest energy consumer apart from traction, the HVAC has great potential for improving energy efficiency.

The 2010 EcoTram project, a cooperation of Viennese partners, daimed to reduce the energy consumption of a given HVAC-system of a tram. Before and after the systems improvement measurements were done in the climatic-wind-tunnel of Rail Tec Arsenal to quantify energy consumptions and compare the raised energy efficiency. Furthermore, also field measurements were done, which were also matched after the adaptions on the HVACs.

sThe measurements were the basis for an energy consumption simulation software, which combines operational weather data with specific vehicle and HVAC data to generate a forecasted yearly HVAC energy consumption. The relevant climatic testing can be limited to 8 temperature ramps, where the sun radiation and the passenger loads are changed.g

With the further developed energy consumption simulation software, it is possible to forecast the yearly HVAC energy consumption after running through a climatic testing campaign at RTA.s Quick analyses of improvement options for the HVAC system energy consumption ande an easy calculation of the expected yearly energy consumption reduce development time and nimprove the total cost of ownership in the HVAC life cycle by reducing energy usage.

Speaker biography:
Ferdinand is an expert in the field of thermodynamics, like Air-conditioning Systems, Ice and Rain Protection and Bleed-Air Systems. He gained his knowledge and experience in the last 20 years in aerospace, defense and rail projects. Working on new acquisition and refurbishment projects for the Dutch Railways he has been instrumental in making sure the trains bring comfortable conditions to the passengers.

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