Eugenia Bonifazi
Leading expert Ricardo Energy and Environment

Presentation title:
How the Dutch rail sector must prepare for the application of the Energy Efficiency Directive after 2020?

Article 8 of the Energy Efficiency Directive requires all member states to put in place regulations that oblige enterprises meeting certain criteria to audit the energy efficiency of their operations every 4 years. The first year for compliance was 2015 and the second is 2019 (5th December). The Directive considers energy as all types of fuels that are used including electricity, natural gas, LPG, oil, diesel and petrol. This covers both stationary assets such as buildings and generators but mobile activities such as road, rail and air transportation too.

Whilst the Long Term Agreements programme (MJA3-convenant, de Meerjarenafspraak Energie-efficiëntie 3) has meant that most Dutch rail enterprises have been excluded from the requirements to date, this may not be the case for future compliance periods after 2019. Enterprises should think about how they would comply, what level of data and information they have on consumption and how the manage that data. They should also consider how a sample of their activities could audited, and the arising energy efficiency measures implemented.

The Dutch rail sector must be prepared for the application of the EED after 2020. The company Ricardo gives some recommendations to enable the Dutch rail sector to prepare properly. So that the energy efficiency improvement plans will be continued after 2020. The experiences of Ricardo are based on the work that they have done for the European Commission and for private enterprises who had to comply with Article 8 across Europe.

Speaker biography:
Eugenia Bonifazi is a Senior Consultant with seven-year experience in energy technology and energy efficiency consultancy. Since joining Ricardo-Energy and Environment (REE) Eugenia has been involved in a variety of projects including support to the UK Climate Change Agreement (CCA) programme, working as a facilitator for nine sectors including steel, motor manufacture, aerospace and data centres. Eugenia is currently one of Ricardo Energy and Environment’s leading experts on domestic and international market based measures as well as industrial energy efficiency measures. As well as detailed technical work on CCAs she has extensive expertise relating to the EU’s Emissions Trading System (EU ETS), the Energy Efficiency Directive and is currently managing a project on the new Energy Union Governance regulation. She has knowledge of designing, assessing and implementing energy and carbon-related policies, as well as extensive experience in the legislative landscape analysis, stakeholder interviews and report writing.

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