Bart van der Spiegel
Energy Management at Infrabel

Presentation title:
The last mile for Traction Energy Settlement

The regulatory and standardisation framework for Traction Energy Measurement and Traction Energy Settlement has started in 2005. With in 2017 a new version of standard, in 2018 new clauses in TSI and new commission regulation and by the end of 2019 also a new IRS, the framework is nearly completed. The presentation will guide you through the complete framework and will present the requirements for Railway Undertaking and Infrastructure Manager. By installing on-board Energy Measurement Systems, Railway Undertakings will be invoiced on their real consumptions. This will enable them to get a financial return on energy saving investments like e.g. Driving Advisory Systems.

Speaker biography:
Bart Van der Spiegel started in 1992 as engineer designing the power distribution for Belgian railways. Since 2005 focus has shifted towards the integration of an open energy market into an open railway market. He has been active on all European workgroups regarding the measuring of energy consumption on-board of trains and on the exchange of related data. He is member of Eress Steering Board and chairman of the UIC Energy Efficiency and CO2 Network. He is also active in projects related to Driving Advisory Systems and Automatic Train Operations.

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