Antonio Kolossa
Project Manager Digitalization and Innovation at SIEMENS Mass Transit Rail Automation

Presentation title:
A System Approach for Integrating Energy-Optimized Operation and Timetable Planning

With increasing energy prices and consciousness for preservation of the environment, the demand for energy saving technologies in the metro market is drastically increasing worldwide. We present a new system approach which integrates offline timetable planning and online train regulation with a real-time model of the electric network.

With our new system, customers are able to set operational and energetic constraints during timetable creation and automatically receive an energy-optimized timetable. It allows for taking power constraints from substations, recuperation effects, as well as overall commercial energy restrictions into account. In parallel, these constraints may be set as well for the online train regulation system which is then able to control the train movements in an energetically desired way even after operational disturbances disrupt the execution of the original time table.

Our system creates transparency on the interdependency between energy consumption and operation during time table creation. By mirroring these restrictions and making them editable in the online train regulation system, we enable our customers to prioritize energy-based vs. operational and commercial KPIs and even change their priorities during operation.

Dr.-Ing. Antonio Kolossa works as a project manager for digitalization and innovation projects at SIEMENS Mass Transit Rail Automation since 2016. He started his academic education at the Technische Universität Braunschweig where he specialized in control engineering and graduated in 2011. He continued to work at the Institute for Communications Technology at Technische Universität Braunschweig and received his PhD in 2015. In his thesis he integrated digital signal processing and computational neuroscience.

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