Justina Hudenko
JSC “LatRailNet” (Latvian allocation and charging body) Chairman at SJSC “Latvian Railway” group companies

Presentation title:
Track access charges in freight

Although there are great plans about the future of rail in Europe, the freight traffic is often examined as a marginal activity in European rail area now. This presentation shares the insights of charging process in the network where freight transportation has a predominant nature. It is helpful to understand the predictable changes both in cost and in revenue structure when freight share rises and charging process faces consequent market imperfections.

Speaker biography:
Justina Hudenko has a doctor’s degree in economics and is an author of more than 200 scientific publications, where comprehensive part is about track access charges. Since 2009 working in the SJSC “Latvian Railway” group companies she was appointed as JSC “LatRailNet” (Latvian allocation and charging body) Chairman of the Board in July 2016. She takes an active part in social dialogue, including acting in working groups organized by the European Commission and the Ministry of Transport, in Latvian Transit Business Association, in Latvian Chamber of Commerce transport infrastructure committee and elsewhere. In 2015 and 2016 she took part in the National Research Program “EKOSOC-LV” project “Studying the competitiveness of the Latvian companies on external markets and provision of proposals for its strengthening”.

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