Francesca Ciuffini
RFI – Commercial Department – Head of Marketing and Integrated Services Development

Presentation title:
Mark-ups and market segmentation in the Italian Track Access Charging system

The new charging system for the Italian national railway network is presented, focusing on the mark-up component and market segmentation. In the frame of the criteria defined by the Regulatory Body, RFI proceeded to a very strong market segmentation, through the pairs method provided by the Recast, in order to modulate the mark ups in terms of ability to pay.

The analysis of the ability to pay was partially carried out ex-ante by the Regulatory Body and translated in terms of price caps and constraints on the coefficient calibration to modulate the tariffs. The evaluation of the ability to pay has then further developed by RFI, came to define more market segments, taking account of the traffic features and development trends.

Finally, the measures to incentive the traffic will be illustrated and a brief outline of the sustainability analysis to be carried out in the next regulatory period will be given.

Speakers biography:
A transport engineer, Francesca Ciuffini is an expert and author of many papers concerning integrated transport services, strategic planning of timetable, infrastructure pricing, capacity and market analysis. At RFI, Commercial Department, she is the head of Marketing and Integrated Services Development.

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