Christiane Trampisch
Seconded National Expert, European Commission DG MOVE

Presentation title:
Track access charges on the basis of European legal framework – Frist experiences with direct cost calculation

The presentation gives an overview on the European legal framework of charging principles. For the minimum access package and the access to rail infrastructure, infrastructure managers need to set charges which are not discriminatory and guarantee optimal effective use of infrastructure. According to EU law, the users have to cover at least the direct costs incurred as a result of operating the train service. Mark-ups may be levied in order to obtain full recovery of costs, while guaranteeing the optimal competitiveness of all rail market segments.
With the help of questionnaires to Member States, infrastructure managers and regulatory bodies the European Commission is able to give a first overview on the principles applied for the calculation of direct costs in some Member States.

Speaker biography:

Christiane Trampisch is a seconded national expert at the European Commission in DG MOVE and in the unit for the Single European Railways Area. Her current duties are related to rail market regulation, in particular to charges and access conditions to rail networks.

Currently she is on detachment from Bundesnetzagentur, the German rail regulator, where she worked in the departments for rail regulation and international rail affairs.

Christiane is an economist that graduated at the university of Giessen in Germany, where she also finished a PhD on the comparison of regulated network industries. In 2017 she completed successfully her studies in a French-German master degree on European governance and administration (MEGA).

She works since more than 10 years in the German and now recently in the European administration dealing with rail issues.

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