Chris Nash
ITS Leeds Research Professor

Presentation title:
Mark ups on track access charges – the debate in Britain

For some years Britain has applied mark-ups in the freight sector but capped at freight avoidable cost, and subject to an ability to pay test. In practice mark ups were only applied to three commodities where it was considered that demand was very insensitive to price. The British rail regulator is now proposing to apply mark ups based on an allocation of total cost and in the passenger as well as freight sectors. The presentation will consider the proposed method of cost allocation, the prosed identification of market segments and the likely impact of the charges.

Speaker biography:
Prof Nash has acted as advisor to many bodies, including the European Commission High Level Group on Transport Infrastructure Charging, the European Union Committee of the House of Lords, the Transport Committee of the House of Commons and the Railways Group of the European Conference of Ministers of Transport. He has acted as advisor on high speed rail to HS2 Ltd, Network Rail, the US Transportation Research Board, the International Transport Forum and the Australian Department of Infrastructure and Transport. He has also undertaken projects on rail transport in China and South Korea. He has coordinated major international research projects on rail regulation and infrastructure charging for the European Commission and the Community of European Railways, as well as leading relevant projects for ORR and the Department for Transport. He is Associate Editor of the Journal of Rail Transport Planning and Management and a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Transport Economics and Policy (of which he is a former editor), the South African Journal of Transportation and Supply Chain Management, the International Journal of Transport Economics and of the International Journal of Green Economics. His main research interests are: rail transport, regulation, appraisal, transport prices, and externalities.

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