Carole Coune
Acting Secretary General at ERFA (European Rail Freight Association)

Presentation title:
How to lower track access charges?

Track access charges accounts for between 20 % and 35 % of total operational costs! It is imperative thatrail cleans up its own charging system in order to fight with road from a strong basis. The incentives putting in place by the MS for IM reducing theirs costs and the level of access charge are a way to get there.

Speaker biography:
Carole Coune has taken up the position of ERFA Acting Secretary General and will be head of ERFA’s Brussels Office until September. Carole Coune has served in different functions at Belgian level in the field of railways (SNCB, cabinet of Ministers and Belgian Ministry of Transport). In particular Carole has played a key role in the restructuration of the Belgian state operator SNCB and in the establishment of the Belgian rail Regulatory Body.