Andrew Smith
Professor of Transport Performance and Economics at the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds

Presentation title:
Estimating Marginal Wear and Tear Costs: Econometric Methods and Evidence

This presentation will provide an overview of the methodological and data issues involved in using econometric methods used to estimate marginal wear and tear costs; and provide a synopsis of what the evidence is telling us about the variability of costs with respect to traffic (and traffic types) based on evidence from several case studies across Europe. Reflections on future research directions will be offered.

Speaker biography:
Andrew is Professor of Transport Performance and Economics at the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Leeds. He leads the Institute’s Rail Research Group. His research is focused on: (1) infrastructure access pricing and marginal cost research, rail regulation and the impact of rail reforms on economic efficiency; (2) cost and efficiency modelling, with particular focus on rail transport, utilities (water and energy) and health; and (3) modelling the economic impact of rail technology innovations. He has published important work in these areas and has led or is leading a wide range of research projects, funded by, for example, the British Office of Rail Regulation, Ofwat, the European Commission, SNCF, UK Research Councils, National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), and the UK Department for Transport. The European funded research on rail infrastructure marginal cost has been used to inform EU legislation on access charges. Andrew is also academic advisor to water regulator, Ofwat on econometric benchmarking. Andrew is a member of the advisory board of the Italian Transport Regulation Authority and an Editor of the Journal of Transport Economics and Policy. Andrew has a visiting research position at the Centre for Transport Studies (Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and VTI) in Stockholm and at the University of Masaryk, Czech Republic. Andrew teaches at undergraduate level on Advanced Microeconomics and Public Enterprise and Regulation and teaches / or has taught at Masters level on Economics of Transport Regulation and Public Transport Planning and Management.

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