Rinske Fieten
Manager integrity, risk & compliance ProRail

Afryea Uiterloo
Risk officer ProRail

Gerard Mulder
Concept developer Mindgame

Title of the game:
A ProRail Game: are you secure?

For many organisations and their employees risks involving data privacy, compliance, integrity and data security are relevant but receive only secondary attention. This is because employees focus on their primary responsibilities. Therefore, getting enough attention for these risks is a challenge. To improve performance on this issue, ProRail implemented ‘Are You secure’, which is a risk based approach to secondary risks. A game that measures knowledge, improves relevance and motivates the entire ProRail staff to improve. 
The game is continuous, structured, based on current insights and combines objective and subjective measurements. The game is played in several rounds over multiple years and can map the risk awareness and knowledge of the organisation; it’s departments and even the individual level. By mapping the organisation ProRail can target the available budget to the areas with maximum impact.